The PolyU NIR Face Database

     The PolyU-NIRFD contains images from 350 subjects, each contributing about 100 samples with variations of pose, expression, focus, scale, time, etc. In total, 35,000 samples were collected in the database. The PolyU-NIRFD provides a platform for researchers to develop and evaluate various near-infrared face recognition techniques under large scale, controlled and uncontrolled conditions. we provided three subsets. exp1 and exp2 are exactly same as in our referece paper. but the final set for exp#3 in the refrence paper is actually a combination of the exp1 and exp3 downloaded in our webset. You may download the whole data set by clicking here (71MB).

Reference paper: Baochang Zhang, Lei Zhang, David Zhang, LinLin Shen: Directional binary code with application to PolyU near-infrared face database. Pattern Recognition Letters 31(14): 2337-2344 (2010).

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