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[1]Baochang ZhangZhigang Li*Alessandro Perina*(the same second author)Vittorio MurinoJianzhuang LiuRongrong JiBounding Multiple Gaussians Uncertainty with Application to Object TrackingIJCV 2016. (Top Journal, SCI 3.8)

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(Top journal in video, SCI)

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[8]Jie Xu, Yuan Yan Tang, Bin Zou, Zongben Xu, Luoqing Li, Yang Lu, Baochang Zhang:The Generalization Ability of SVM Classification Based on Markov Sampling. IEEE T. Cybernetics 45(6): 1169-1179 (2015) (SCI)

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[10]     B. zhang, W. Liu, Z. Mao, Cooperative and Geometric Learning for path planning of UAV, Automatica, 2014.(published online, Top journal in control, SCI) A*

·          Journal Impact Factor = 2.919

[11]     Yao Cao, Baochang Zhang, Jianzhuang Liu, Jiangsha Ma: Weighted Margin Sparse Embedded classifier for brake cylinder detection. Neurocomputing 120: 560-568 (2013)(SCI)

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·          Journal Impact Factor = 2.554

[14]     R. Xu, J. Jiao, B. Zhang, pedestrian detection from images based on Cascaded L1-norm minimization learning, Pattern recognition, 2012.( SCI) A*

·          Journal Impact Factor = 2.554

[15]     B. Zhang, Y. Gao, H. Zheng, “Local Kernel Feature Analysis (LKFA) for Object Recognition”, Neurocomputing, Vol. 74, No.4, pp575-579, 2011.(SCI)

·          Journal Impact Factor = 1.440, (5-year Impact Factor = 1.459)

[16]     B. Zhang, Y. Gao, S. Zhao and B. Zhong, “Kernel Similarity Modeling of Texture Pattern Flow for Motion Detection in Complex Background”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Accepted on 19 Aug, 2010. (SCI)(Top Journal in video processing)

·          Journal Impact Factor = 2.548, (5-year Impact Factor = 3.187)

[17]     B. Zhang, Yu Qiao. Face recognition based on Gradient Gabor and efficient kernel analysis. Neural Computing and Applications, 2010. (SCI)

·          Journal Impact Factor = 0.812

[18]     B. Zhang, Y. Gao, S. Zhao and J. Liu, “Local Derivative Pattern versus Local Binary Pattern: Face Recognition with High-Order Local Pattern Descriptor”, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 533-544, 2010. (SCI) A* citation 170 Google scholar

·          Journal Impact Factor = 2.848, (5-year Impact Factor = 4.139)

[19]     B. Zhang, Lei Zhang, David Zhang, Linlin Shen: Directional binary code with application to PolyU near-infrared face database. Pattern Recognition Letters 31(14): 2337-2344 (2010). (SCI)

·          Journal Impact Factor = 1.303, (5-year Impact Factor = 1.772)

[20]     R. Xu, B. Zhang, Qixiang, Ye, Jianbin Jiao. Cascaded L1-norm Minimization Learning (CLML) Classifier for Human Detection. in proc. of CVPR, 2010.(Top Conference)

[21]     Li Li,Xiaoguang Hu, and Baochang ZhangA Routing Algorithm for WiFi-Based Wireless Sensor Network and the Application in Automatic Meter ReadingMathematical Problem in Engineering, 2013.(SCI)

[22]     B. Zhang, B. Zhong, Y. Cao: Complex background modeling based on Texture Pattern Flow with adaptive threshold propagation. J. Visual Communication and Image Representation 22(6): 516-521 (2011)(SCI)

·          Journal Impact Factor = 1.071

[23]     Baochang Zhang, Juan Liu, Yongsheng Gao, Jianzhuang Liu: Compressed Sensing Ensemble Classifier for Human Detection. IScIDE 2013: 844-851

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·          Journal Impact Factor = 1.303, (5-year Impact Factor = 1.772)

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·          Journal Impact Factor = 0.885

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·          Journal Impact Factor = 2.848, (5-year Impact Factor = 4.139)

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[45]     高文,张宝昌,山光,一种基于Gabor相位模式特征的图像识别方法??? ZL.200510068027.5,???? 2008,????? 中国

[46]     张宝昌,基于差分码及差分模式的目标识别方法??? ZL.200910083954.2,???? 2011?????? ,中国


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